Network Case Management Services initially commenced in 1998 as part of a group practice. At that time, the initial Director, Janice Roberts was involved with other medical and therapy staff as a member of the treating team to provide services mainly to individuals experiencing acquired brain injuries and who had complex injury management needs.

As the group practice dissolved Janice continued practicing in the area of Case Management and expanding the services of Network CMS including work in the areas of medico-legal reporting, training, inheritance claims, aged care and mental health. This eventually led to the sale of the business in April 2011 and the welcoming of Brett and Davinia Costello as Directors and Case Managers. Janice continues to play an active Case Management role with her clients and has welcomed the opportunity to step back from the day to day running of the business.

Network Case Management now has a team of five Case Managers and is committed to our ongoing mission of Maximising the Rehabilitation Potential of our clients.